Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Global call center industry- Challenges faced

Call center industry is dynamic and really powerful. It is contributing greatly towards economies of developing countries like India where the resources are comparatively affordable. A huge amount (nearly USD 400 billion) is spent on customer care operations. And this is likely to increase as per the latest reports from some of the big names in the niche.  However, in this industry, there are several challenges faced by people on higher levels of hierarchy on a daily basis. 

Let us see some prominent among them. 

Higher rate of attrition

The chances of a trained employee leaving the firm is high. When a trained professional quits, the resources in-house may fail to cope up with the situation smoothly. Thus companies are forced to hire more experienced and skilled people to counter such an adversity. This is an expensive affair as excess cost is incurred for the recruitment and hiring process. 

Geo-political reliance leading to uncertainty

Sometime political situations in US and Europe pose threat. Bad economies, wars and protest against outsourcing may force governments to prevent outsourcing. This can badly impact every global call center. As companies there normally outsource customer centre services to India and Philippines etc., such a situation can create big trouble for these nations. 

Ever increasing and evolving customer expectations

As the competition is rising, businesses are serving customers by everything possible. This has resulted in elevating customer expectations to higher levels that are harder to meet. Therefore any small issue irritates the customers and satisfying them has become a herculean task. 

Restricted career prospects

Normally the company follows a flat horizontal structure when it comes to BPO section. The scope of growth is very limited for call center agents and this demoralizes them to perform to the best of their capabilities; it’s obvious. Employees feel least motivated or excited owing to the monotonous nature of this job. 

Chances of health issues

Working in night shifts is not what all the employees appreciate.  It can pave way for many health issues like stress, insomnia, hypertension and RLS etc. Altered biological rhythms make it almost impossible for them to accommodate in another work environment with different timings. So, people try to stay away from such a job at the cost of their health. 

Multichannel interactions

Over time, the way in which customers communicate has changed drastically. There are multiple channels including phones, chats, Skype, social media and much more. Such a situation confuses the executives and even those in top management regarding which channel has to be focused more. 

Multiple tools and multitasking

There are a lot of tools that are used in global call center industry these days. Also multiple tasks are to be managed by the same resource. Mastering all the tools simultaneously seems least feasible. In addition to this, being entrusted upon with other tasks other than customer inquiry handling make the whole things less productive.

The challenges explained above are real but the industry has survived and even flourished. It still continues to offer jobs for millions globally. It has in fact become a part of today’s business environment. However, managing contact center challenges in-house may distract your focus from main business activities. So, it is always recommended to outsourced call answering services to any of the reliable partners.

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