Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to make magazine cover page captivating?

          Typically magazines include variety of write-ups and they are published periodically. Different types of magazines are there- fashion, art, health, sports, computer, products and much more. It is the cover page that gives you the initial idea about a magazine inclusions. This is why you must be acquainted with some of the great magazine cover design tips.

          There should be creativity, composition and strength in the design, no matter whether you are designing a cover of portrait type, illustrated type, typographic type or any other. Have a glimpse on how to make magazine cover page attractive and compelling for your prospective readers.

Grab the eyeballs

          If you don’t know, magazines usually find their place at a height of 8 ft. above in the browsers. Therefore, the very first thing is to make the magazine stand separated from the rest. People should notice it and there should be enough elements to invoke interest and curiosity. Cover lines should be legible, high contrast should be there and there should be a good and appealing central image.

Tell the story

          People definitely want to know the lead story that the corresponding magazine issue is focusing on. It is obvious that they will develop more interest towards the magazine if the story to be told is perfectly indicated in the cover page. If possible, find space for other relevant stories too that the magazine encompasses.  Make use of maximum scope provided by the wide array of options for magazine cover page design in Photoshop.

Use right fonts and colors

          Colors can create huge impact on the pleasantness and communication of a cover. So, assure that you select the best color that makes your stuff stand out but at the same time it should be suitable for the magazine in regard of its nature and target readers. See to it that the colors you design in the digital screen looks the same when you print it. Make optimal use of fonts in right combination to get expected grace to the cover. Important text should always project out. 

Embed energetic elements

          The cover should be vibrant and never make it lifeless. Add some bright colors and effervescent wordings. The point is to create the best impression at the very first sight. Right colors can make it happen. But to make the first impression last, wordings used must be perfect. Give some offer, promise or else a question that will make people pick your magazine from the shelf.

Stay unique

          It’s always recommended to be unique in the way your design. Get inspired from the inclusions in the magazine and connect different elements in a logical manner to assure that the cover is innovative and appealing. Being inimitable and distinctive always help.

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