Thursday, 29 October 2015

3 tips for boosting ecommerce business using photo editing and enhancing

Ecommerce industry has greatly boomed with the advancement of product image editing services. Here we will discuss few tips which are quite impactful to improve photo retouching which proportionally scales the business.

1. High quality to attract customers

A product which is specifically distinct may not captivate customers if it has a dull visual appeal. Contrasting colors and pleasantly simple tones will surely appeal to customers and redefine the brand value. The more images available, the more defined is the product. Books, electronic goods, appliances and almost all apparels depend on attractive pictures to boost sale.

2. Influence of resolution and size

There are instances when pictures are very appealing but take a hell lot of time to load properly. Even if we live in an era where internet speeds are increasing rapidly, situations are rare that such products are accepted by people.  There has to be a very proper definition regarding size to resolution aspect of the image. Also most of the pictures which have a zoom in property are well accepted when it comes to electronic items. Professional image editors know how to play with resolution and size of the picture.

3. Color usage and background selection

While most of the cartoons prefer striking colors and vibrant blends, the same does not always apply for product images. They have to be simple and very unique. Light colored backgrounds always showcase the product if there is a slightly dark shadow applied to it. Professional image editing service providers play an important role when it comes to deciding the colors. Effects like fade in and checkers can distort the photo and reduce visibility. Overall, eCommerce image editing greatly depends on color selection.

There are innumerable guidelines which help to create stunning product photos. The few listed here are very easy to understand and adapt even for novice designers.


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