Monday, 26 March 2018

10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Bilingual Customer Service Offerings

In today’s market where competition keeps reinventing itself, it is important that you always work hard to keep your business apart from others and ahead of your competition. One of the most effective ways to do that is to bolster the quality of the client experience delivered to your customers. Customer service is the best place to start from because it involves the most important element of your business—the customer. At this juncture, you need to work closely with your service provider so that both of you can work on finding ways to make your customers happy and satisfied.
We have brought 10 most important bilingual contact center service tips here for you to improve your service deliverance.

Listen to your callers intently
In any call center scenario, listening is a crucial element and it can decide the direction of the call—whether the caller will leave satisfied or hang up unhappy. Most of the times call center agents think that hearing what the caller says is enough. No, it is not. If you want to address the concern faced by the customer, it is important that you pay complete attention to what they are saying. The agents must be able to grasp the crucial details during the call itself and try to offer the best solution.

Use guidelines and not scripts

While it is easy to stick to scripts when you have to offer customer support services to thousands of callers, it is not that effective from the customer’s perception. Scripts can most of the times limit the agents into a rigid frame where the agent cannot offer much to help the caller. As such, provide the agents with recommendations that guide them with what needs to be done without limiting the scope of the service offering.

Provide required self-help options

Thanks to the widespread availability of internet and allied services, customers now seek to get help all by themselves as it is more convenient for them. From a business standpoint, it is very economical for the businesses as well. Customers try online to learn how to solve the issues they face as they can get away from all the troubles associated with getting a human technician over the phone to help them fix the problem.

Use multiple channel service support

Most of the modern consumers seek help from a variety of contact points. They can contact you from social media, email and even live chat. They might also give you a call if the issue they face needs to be fixed urgently. This requires your business to be present in all these channels. Whether you have an extensive bilingual customer service delivery system or not, you need to always offer live chat, social media and email support as well, if you want your business to sustain.

Always talk amicably

While you can ask the agents to be free and lively, they must do that from the confines of professionalism. Interacting with the callers with a firm yet friendly tone will help the agents to be in control of the call all the while being supportive to resolve the issue of the caller. This can persuade the caller to be both open with and confident in the person talking. Since such a tone is beneficial for both the caller and the agent. Train your bilingual customer care assistants to always adopt a friendly tone of voice while staying adhered to professionalism without fail.

Have the right tools

If you are expecting your call center agents to perform and meet all the target matrices without providing them with the necessary tools to support your clients, you are bound to be disappointed with the multilingual call center services they deliver. Having the right tools can help agents understand the callers better, read about the previous contact and their issue history and the like. This can help them better support and interact with the callers to solve their issues faster.

Try calling your own hotline number

Even though you have a team of professional quality analysts, it is good to call your own call center once in a while to understand if your provider is doing a good job. By doing so, you can understand the effectiveness of the IVR options, the agent’s knowledge level and overall contact experience as understood by a regular customer. This will be an opportunity to introspect and understand if your bilingual call center service provider is delivering on their promise.

Hire experts for training and development

If you want to improve the quality of the bilingual answering services offered to your customers, the first and foremost thing to do is the training and development of your agents. You can hire experts and professionally established facilitators who have years of experience in the industry.

Anticipate customer concerns and prevent future ones

If you really want to know about the issues faced by the clients, there are plenty of options to do so. You can ask the callers about the concerns they face frequently and analyze the patterns to understand the fundamental reasons that might be causing these issues. Once you have enough data about issues that occur frequently and the concerned reasons, it will be easier for you to work towards solving the issue once and for all.

Always keep your promises

One of the biggest and most important bilingual contact center service tips that you need to know while operating in customer service domain is that you must never backtrack on your promises. You must always keep your promises—regardless of how small or big they are. For example if you ask the customer to wait for a minute, don’t make him/her wait for more than that. Get back to them. While these are small things, for customer it may not be and no one really loves to be on a customer support line waiting even for a second. This must be kept in mind.

It is always important that you pay enough attention to the aspects discussed above while offering customer service. If you want to associate with the best company to get all the call center services you need, you can always contact us.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Creating an eBook for your business (Importance)

Entrepreneurs often look out for effective ways to share their ideas. Publishing eBooks have been in the trend for quite some time. If you are enthusiastic about writing, you can publish your own book and circulate among the readers through various online channels. Besides being an entrepreneur, you can wear the attire of an acclaimed author. Well, publishing an eBook can leverage your business and open up new connections. It is a powerful strategy to infuse life into your business and strengthen your marketing mechanism. If you succeed in popularising your eBook, your business can attain a better level of growth and this is the reason why many companies rely on a professional and well established eBook conversion company. Here, you will come across a detailed guide on publishing an eBook to strengthen your business.

Why should you publish an eBook?

First of all, you should know the reason behind the publication of an eBook. It helps you to grow an authenticity over your domain, which enhances your brand image. The key reasons behind publishing an eBook can be listed as follows.

Additional source of revenue

Publishing an eBook can turn out to be an additional source of revenue for your business. Integrating the right strategy can help you generate an additional revenue through your business. Remember, your eBook may not instantly yield monetary benefits. The process takes time, and you can start getting the results once you are on the right track.

Boosts your credibility

Well, customers are likely to approach your brand, when you establish your profile as one of the market leaders. When you publish your eBook, it upholds your authority in the domain. An eBook business plan helps to develop a credible profile for your business and helps you to grow your brand image.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most common ways in which your business benefits from the eBooks. You can distribute free copies of your eBooks to potential customers. This increases the possibilities of converting them into customers.
Well, here are the strategies you need to incorporate to publish your eBook.

Explain the purpose of the eBook

It is important for the customers to understand the purpose of the eBook. Evidently, you should be able to convey the purpose behind publishing the eBook to them; think of this very seriously before proceeding with digital conversion. Your reasons should revolve around the product and the requirements of the market. Most of the customers will consider the utility of the eBook, before going deeper into it. Evidently, your explanation should revolve around the benefits that the readers will yield from the book.

Establish a rapport with your readers

Well, it is necessary to establish a friendly relation with your readers when you publish any eBook. As a marketer, you should know the demands of the customers. Evaluate their psychological needs and incorporate the necessary details in the eBook. This will help you to contextualize it with the interests of the readers. Remember, the readers are your target audience and you need to convert them into your customers. You need to establish a favourable rapport with your customers in the eBook. This can be the beginning of a fruitful relation with your customers. Consider the location, gender, demographics, attitude and other specifications when you develop the eBook. Well, it is important to identify the problem areas of your customers and address to the same in the eBook. When you come up with solutions to these problems, it contributes to your brand image and you are regarded as more reliable.

Choosing the right topic

This is one of the most important aspects to consider, when you develop an eBook. Based on the requirements of the customers, you need to select the topics to be included in it. You need to circle upon the ideas of your customers and provide solutions to the same. When you keep the topic relevant, customers readily go through the content as they fee value in it. Your goal is to create a supportive audience for your brand and for the same you need to write what they would find useful for them. 

Planning the outline

After you select the topic, start planning about the details and presentation styles of your eBook. You should focus on the impact that the book leaves behind. You need to think about the transformation that the eBook will bring about in the mentality of the readers. Prioritise on the elements that are necessary to bring about this change in the minds of your readers. Create your chapters on individual problems faced by your readers.

Start writing the eBook

On collecting the ideas on what to include in your book, start writing it. It should contain your innovative approach in solving the issues faced by your customers. As you proceed, you will find new ideas. Compile them down and write it in a well-organised way, so that the contents maintain a coherency in it. Remember, developing the contents is one of the most important tasks. It is all about what your customers want to know. Take your time and compile your ideas. Focus on the language, ensuring that it remains clear and understandable to your customer base. Apart from the content in your eBook, you need to focus on the formatting and presentation.

Well, it is necessary to carry out extensive research on the subject before you start writing. The readers love informative materials in the eBook. Your language and tone should appeal to their intellects. It has to evoke the interest of the readers and this will make it worth reading. One of the common problems faced by entrepreneurs is finding quality time to write the eBook. You can plan out a schedule to write the book so that no productive working hours are merely wasted. For instance, the morning hours may be ideal for you to write, as the thought processes work out easily and more effectively during this time. You need not make the book too lengthy. Focus on the quality of materials you are putting forward to your readers.

Choosing the title

After deciding the contents of the book, you can think over the title and decide it. Well, selecting the title of the book is a skeptical task, and you will come across a number of options. Think over all the probabilities and evaluate the impact of each title on the readers. You need not make the title too complex. Try to make it easy for the readers to understand the title. It should resonate the ideas in your book. Remember, readers are busy, so you need to make the interpretation process as simplified as possible. When you market your book through online platform, you need to keep the title friendly to the search engines. Choose an easy title, that people generally think of.

Focus on formatting

The format of the book plays a key role in determining its readability. The fonts, typefaces, page design and other aspects need to be executed intelligently, ensuring that they do not cause stress on the eyes. You may go for a PDF document, as the text can easily be scanned. In case your eBook is stocked in the online bookstores, you need to incorporate the necessary format, including text spacing, font style, illustrations and font size. Choosing the right font enhances the readability of the text.


Editing is one of the most time-consuming tasks, and you need to keep away flaws from creeping into the text. Check the grammar, spelling, facts and other elements in the content before you publish your eBook. A slight error in your publication can ruin your reputation. Well, the editing process has certain stages, including content editing, proofreading, copy editing and so on. Edit the content stringently and filter out the errors.

Designing the cover

Professional book cover design always matters. The cover of your eBook should create an impact among the readers. Think of the cover design that will entice the readers to read your book; it may be plain, illustrations or any art work. The readers determine the choice of their eBooks by the cover. You need to make it appealing enough to the readers. It has to be relevant and convincing enough to create the desired effect. The graphics, illustrations, text, font and colour have to be incorporated in a planned way in the cover. Design elements should be relevant to the subject of the eBook when you create eBook cover.

Promote your eBook

You need to market and promote your eBook after you publish it. Promoting your eBook is one of the most important tasks during the post-publication period. It is necessary to create an awareness among your customers about the book. Once you create a hype in your industry, people will start reading the book. Well, you need to get your audience talking about your book. Social media marketing and video marketing are effective means to market your eBook. You can also organise a pre-launch session for your eBook. In these campaigns, you can distribute free copies of your eBook, along with your signature on it. Once you strike the right cord, your readers will be interested in buying the book.

eBook for businesses can keep your brand engaged with your customers. Apart from catering to the existing customers, a successful eBook can help you draw more customers to your business. An authentic eBook can establish a credible profile for your business, leveraging your brand image to a great extent.

If you want expert assistance for the same, companies offering professional eBook conversion services also offer eBook creation service. They even avail the needed eBook formatting services and finally eBook proofreading services. You must however do the needful research and find out the best service provider so as to make sure that the output meets your expectations without fail.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to boost up the productivity of call center agents?

If you are willing to yield optimum returns in terms of productivity from your call center, you should have a good understanding of people management skills. You need to optimize the available resources, both technical and human, to maximize the returns of your business. Here, we furnish some crucial call center efficiency tips that you must be acquainted with.

Better-quality scheduling of the agents

In order to enhance the manpower, you should know clearly how many agents you need to manage the floor at specific hours. These days, most of the call centers incorporate advanced tools for workforce management. Accordingly, the scheduling is done, so that adequate numbers of agents are active as and when needed. As the call volume surges, you should be able to deploy additional agents to tackle the pressure. On the other hand, you can save your resources by reducing the number of agents when the call pressure is low.

Supervisors should assist the agents

At times, the customers make special requests, when the agents are unable to take a decision on their own. They need to consult with their supervisors. Each floor should have at least one supervisor. Whenever the agents find it difficult to make a decision, the supervisors should assist them. Call center agents are not authorized to take certain decisions, like escalating transactions on request from the customers. A constant assistance from the supervisor saves valuable time.

Easy communication strategy boosts up productivity

Incorporate a standard communication strategy across your platform. This will keep the agents updated with the latest information related to work. In the contemporary industry, companies use Skype or other customized platforms for messaging to maintain seamless communication. The agents will be able to communicate with the supervisors and among themselves easily when you have such a communication infrastructure.

Integrate eLearning tools

In most of the contact centers, training sessions are organized to keep the agents updated with needed professional skills. The best option to make the learning process effective is to integrate eLearning tools for the agents. Manual process of training often turns out to be unfitting for agents due to issues with timing. You can educate them about the necessary product information through these eLearning tools. Agents can go through these materials during their free time and keep themselves updated with the necessary knowledge.

Make the working environment comfortable

One of the most effective ways to increase the productivity of your agents is to create a favorable working environment. It allows the employees to remain focused on their work. You may arrange for meetings at regular intervals with the representatives of the agents. This will help you to know their requirements and make the necessary arrangements for them.

These measures will enable you to boost up the productivity of your agents. Leading players in the market to whom global companies outsource call center services constantly monitor the working environment of their employees, providing them with the necessary tools and support. Optimize your operational infrastructure to bolster your business.

Friday, 1 September 2017

How to make your animation lively?

Animation is among the most effective tools to communicate ideas in a creative way. It is largely being used in businesses and marketing these days. Through animation, characters are infused with movements, speech and life-like features. It is captivating and impactful, as it creates the desired impression in the minds of the audience in a very little time.

When rightly integrated into your business strategy, animation can work wonders. However, the most common issue with weak animations is that they lack life and realistic features. Here are some hand-picked character animation tips that can breathe life into your character animation design.

Analysis of the psychology of action and movement
You need to analyse the movements of a person to replicate the character; this is one among the very basic character animation design techniques. Simply analyzing the actions is not enough. Study the intentions behind these actions. It is necessary to do a good research about the character. The realistic actions and movements should be reflected in the animation to make it compelling enough.

Incorporate references from the real world
People love to relate animated videos and media messages with their real-world happenings. Try to use real-world references in your animations to make them lively. It makes them more believable and interesting. The 3d animation should mirror the real-world situation so as to be impactful.

The gravitational impact
Animation is a creative art which becomes closer to reality when you infuse it with life-like features. The animators should analyse the effect of gravity on different objects while making these animations as it is one of the key elements of animation. The influence of gravity on heavy and light objects should be assessed and presented in an authentic way. No essence of amateurism should be evident from the animated programs.

Movements of characters
A common problem with poor animations is mistiming of events. You need to keep off irregular shots from the animation. The time-movement synchronization should be maintained along with speech. For instance, you can replicate the happy moments in quick motion and the depressing elements in slow motion.

Following movements of body
Before starting, the animator needs to have a clear idea of the movement-features of the character’s body. Focus on the eyes, head, neck and then the rest of the body when you depict the movements through animations. As the eyes attract the attention of the audience first, you need to focus on the eyes at the beginning and then the entire body.

Saving the basic animations
When the basic poses, movements and primary features are integrated into the character, you should save them for use in future. Keep them aside and concentrate on the more delicate features and subtitles.

Designing the reactions
The movements and actions of a character revolve around three key areas. These are reaction, action and anticipation. These should be replicated in the animated characters as well. This is what a typical leading animation service provider always ensures.

Integrating wave movements
At times, the characters may remain fixed at a certain place, but the body parts show movements. In these cases, you may need to use wave-like movements for the limbs or tail to make the character realistic.

Observation of real characters
The actions, emotions and movement patterns of real-world characters are to be studied. The animator has to make the video as close to reality as possible. Accurate observation plays the key role behind his success.

Recording yourself
The best way to proceed is to start with recording yourself. You can replicate the movements you want to present in the animation, capturing them on a camera. Now play the clip when you make the animation. You can replay, rewind and pause at specific moments where you want to focus on.

Generating the main poses
The animator should proceed systematically, one stage at a time. At the outset, he can create the primary poses before going deeper and working on them. After these are created, you can work further on their accuracy.

Don’t try to make the lips utter every word
In 3D character animation, it is not necessary to guide the lip-movements word by word. A general, organic movement of the mouth is enough. Trying to make the animated character speak every word will make the lips move too fast. It will look irritating for the viewers.

Maintain the simplicity of rig
Apart from the skills of the animator, the essence of animation depends on the rig that he/she is using in the program. He/she should customize it according to the requirements. The animator should use effective dresses that can stimulate the characters. You need to keep it as simple as possible.

Balancing the character
A good animator should balance the center of gravity in the body of the animated character. It is a natural movement of the body, so he should stimulate the movements in the animated version as well.

Use a suitable basic tool
You can enhance the character quality of the animation by using a suitable basic tool. Your system may be affected when you work on models with high-resolution constantly, slowing down the process. Use a proxy model to work upon. 

Most of the businesses approach experts to simplify their tasks. There are several reputed animation outsourcing companies specialized to make seamless animation projects. Seeking assistance from professionals is always recommended for being assured of impeccable outputs.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Importance of 3d rendering for real estate

Commercial real estate business has entered the age of digitization. For a real estate business, it is essential to convince their clients about the final looks of their construction. Earlier customers used to get a vague concept about the looks of their would-be homes or offices by studying blueprints developed by the firms. It lacked clarity and accuracy. Well, gone are the days when you had to face tons of trouble, trying to interpret the final look of the apartments and office chambers to your customers. Through digital rendering, it is possible to visualize picture-perfect looks of the plan. You can detail out the minute features in the plans and it is easy for your customers to comprehend the proposed model.

Here are nine reasons why you can consider 3d rendering services for real estate inevitable.

Translate photos to reality

Digital renderings can produce images that resemble the exact looks of the rooms. You can alter the wall colours, designs in interior and other essential components. Accordingly, the designs are crafted in the real scene. No scope of misinterpretation finds its way between you and your clients. It helps to build a better relation with the customers and enhance your brand image. You deliver what you show, so not the slightest ambiguity creeps out in the middle.

Showcasing multiple possibilities

If you are a planner or designer, you might have landed up in dilemmas regarding the final choice of pattern and designs. Ideas pop up now and then, and you find it difficult to finalise the plan. When you engage digital rendering services for real estate, you can visualize all these possibilities in clear pictures. The option of comparing and contrasting is wide open. You can propose all these ideas to your clients, explain the merits and shortcomings of each and let them pick the ideal one.

Customized visualizations

The best real estate companies provide the widest opportunity of customization to their clients. In certain situations, the client turns out to be a bit choosy. You need to understand his specification and develop what he needs. In these cases, digital renderings come to the rescue. You can see far better than a two-dimensional blueprint, and the customer can clarify his needs as well. You can adjust and edit the features in the renderings. No better strategy can enable you to understand your client better.

Rendering is convenient

At times, your client may not be able to come up to your office and have a detailed discussion regarding the project. You can send him the rendering online, sitting in your office. He will be able to visualize the entire plan, with minute details and specifications. He may want to modify certain areas, or give a feedback, according to which modifications can be done. In a nutshell, all the details can be finalized before commencing with the final task. It also eliminates communication gaps between companies and their clients. This is something very helpful to any real estate business and hence one of the main reasons why a lot of companies have started to outsource 3d rendering services.


Digital renderings bring far more opportunities in visualizing the plan than flat two-dimensional images. The customers can enjoy motions and animations, thanks to digital rendering. It is like a real-life situation, where animated clippings show the interiors of the rooms and offices. You can also use three-dimensional figures, screenshots, GIFs and other means of presentation. Different situations may call for specific requirement for presenting the details. You need to pick the right format accordingly. Thus, digital rendering is adaptable to various situations and come across multiple formats.

Saves money

Think of a situation when a customer does not like a particular design after a construction has been made. It drains out huge volumes of bucks. Alternatively with 3D, you can show the customer what the final look of his commercial space will be. He will either recommend his specification for further modifications or approve your plan. Therefore, it helps to cut down excess costs and delivers clarity in the total operational process. Moreover, it is easy to detect flaws and defects in architectural structures when you have a clear image of the proposed plan. No wonder, it has become popular among most of the real-estate firms.

Enhance your brand image

Providing detailed renderings to your customers will boost up your brand image. Every customer wants to be convinced about the structure of their offices and other commercial buildings. Nothing speaks more than a rendering. Your clients will believe what they see; after all, visuals cannot lie. These are translated to reality when you complete the project. True indeed, you can boost up your brand image when you have these facilities. Customers love brands that unfailingly keep their words, at all times.

Customer satisfaction

Digital rendering enhances the degree of customer satisfaction. It bridges the gap between the firms and their customers.  You can create your own identity, along with your own customer base in the industry. It saves cost, eliminates misinterpretations and removes customer dissatisfaction from the professional platform.

A greater level of understanding

As visuals speak more than spoken words and charts, it will become easier for you to convince and demonstrate the project to people around you. For instance, you may be looking for loans, in these situations, the investors and banks would like to see what you have in mind. A detailed visual can prove to be beneficial in these cases. The project stakeholders and contractors can plan for the building permit once you show them the details of your ideas.

Digital rendering provides you with a lot of flexibility. You can plan and re-plan the model, based on specification from different clients. If you fail to convince a client with a particular plan, you can always switch to plan B. It makes your project stand out from the crowd and makes the clients contended and satisfied. The projects too, become streamlined and easier to be materialized. The contractors and builders get a crisp idea about their role and strive to attain perfection. Digital rendering has revolutionized the real estate industry. If you own a commercial real-estate company, you can leverage your business and optimize your profits.

Seeking the assistance of a professional 3D rendering company offering exceptional 3d services is the wisest thing for you as the investment would definitely be worthy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Photoshop for Perspective Distortion Correction of Buildings (Techniques)

Taking pictures of buildings can be tricky—sometimes, trickier than you can imagine. One of the factors that make the entire process of shooting buildings tougher is their height. In order to get a clear picture, you normally have to move afar the building. But it is not even possible when you are on a congested street trying to get some pictures of a building. In such a situation, you have only one thing to do, which is to tilt your camera to get the building within the frame and to get the best picture you can get.

However, this brings an annoying issue—distortion which can obviously be corrected using some smart image perspective correction techniques.

The distortion of images when the camera is tilted is a natural phenomenon when wide angle cameras are used. This can happen usually if you are shooting architectures. Professional photographers have the option to use a tilt-shift lens in order to reduce the distortion to a great extent. However, the lens is quite expensive as it is a special lens.

However, with the advent of latest version of Photoshop, this issue can easily be addressed by making use of some of the best editing tools provided by this image editing software.

Look at the following to get more concrete understanding of fixing the distortions in your photographs.

Working with distortion

Distortion is an aberration that makes straight lines to appear curved. This is usually observed when your camera’s focal plane is pointed downward or upward and, the same goes by the name ‘perspective distortion’.

Another type of distortion that happens is barrel distortion that can change depending upon the type of the camera you are using. It gets the name because the distortion makes the pictures look like inflated at the centre region making the structure being photographed look like a barrel.

Wide angle lenses; when used pointing up to capture images that are tall or pointing down, can create quite a few distortion issues. However, these must be addressed, effectively via any of the best photo perspective correction tricks.

So, the question is, how do we fix distortion?

Fixing distortion in camera
One of the ways to reduce the effect of distortion on your image is to make the settings and placement of your camera intelligently such that distortions can be minimized. You have the option to ensure that the focal plane of your camera stays at 90 degrees to the subject you are shooting. In simpler words, you should not tilt your camera while shooting or do a bit of lens distortion correction. Though it is easy for landscape photography, it does not help you while taking images of taller structures, like building and trees—especially when you have no option to move far from the object.
There are instances where you can do nothing about the distortions while getting a photograph. However, in such instances, the only hope you have is a powerful image editing tool that can help you address the issue quire easily. This is where Photoshop can help you; it has all the necessary editing tools and techniques to effectively remove any sort of distortion that might spoil the image.

Fixing distortion in Photoshop
Being the best and a powerful image editing program that Photoshop has come to be, it has quite a few tools, techniques and options that you can make use of, to address the issues of both barrel and perspective distortion.
One of the best and most effective distortion fixing tools provided in the latest versions of Photoshop is the Adaptive Wide Angle tool. Though the tool is an easy and effective one to use, it really needs some practice to get the desired results.

Though one can choose to effectively use transform tools such as warp, perspective, distort and skew, it really consumes a lot of time to make the changes look really blended and natural.

With the help of Adaptive Wide Angle Tool
Once you have opened the image that you want to fix, open the Adaptive Wide Angle Tool from under the filter menu. Depending upon your requirements, scale the image to get you the best feel of the image.

You may also do the same with the auto-correction tool to get the results, but if you prefer, you can do the adjustment manually as well. While trying to make use of the tool for providing any of the specific real estate photo editing services or any other perspective correction or editing, you need to first identify the areas or lines where you feel the distortion has happened.  

You can now use the Constraint tool; click on the same and draw a line from the top of the image to the bottom of it upon the area that you think is distorted. Photoshop will create a straight line as you have drawn on the image. It will then try to correct the barrel distortion, if any, for the better. However, the lines that were drawn will continue to be skew.

Also, at the bottom of the lines on the image, you will be able to see three line with descriptions; Vertical, Horizontal and Arbitrary. You are required to use any of these—or all of them—to correct the distortion.

If you are trying to fix a vertical wall with image perspective correction Photoshop technique, click on the vertical and the program will make the wall into the correct upright position that it must be. However, the job is far from over. In doing so, you may observe that some other horizontal areas of the image might have been distorted, as well. Now, click on the horizontal to make the distortion get corrected by Photoshop.

You need to repeat the procedure as much as required till the image appears to be having no distortion at all. While making the selection, you can, if you would like, use the 100% zoom window present on the window.

Once you have processed a couple of vertical and horizontal distortion corrections, your image will start to look like a perfect image without any sort of apparent distortions. You can carry out all the required corrections and save the same. Once that is done, it can be opened in Photoshop for any other type of editing that you want to process on the image.

lens distortion correction

Distortion correction technique can help a lot of photographers who are primarily involved in real estate photography. One of the basic requirements to correct distortions is to practice and get the feel of the same to correct distortions perfectly. Seeking support of professional companies offering real estate perspective correction services and other related image refining services is always advisable. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Converting manuscript into standard eBook file formats [eBook conversion]

When it comes to ease of reading, standard eBooks file formats used normally are the best option for text-rich eBooks. It makes it easy for distribution across a wide range of subscription services, a host of retailers and libraries, and the eBooks can be accessed across eBook readers and applications. As these eBooks have no fixed page size and specifications, they can be rendered smoothly across various devices and applications flawlessly.

Standard eBook file format
Standard eBook file format

The text of the eBook is able to aptly fit the screen of the device and assume a size that renders the same in the nest possible way depending on the current settings of the eReaders. If the manuscript that you have with you sports extensive styles that must be maintained all the times, then it would be wise that you have the same converted into Fixed Layout format for better rendering. Fixed layout eBook conversion services from expert professionals can always help.

Most of the times whether you are trying to convert a text-dominated manuscript all by yourself or trying to get someone else do it, it is wise to get acquainted with the process so that you know how things are done.

Now let us take a look on the same;

You need to understand that these instructions given below are only for manuscripts that have a simple layout. Media such as images, illustrations and photos can be included in the eBook if they have a simple layout. In case of complex layouts as in case of children book illustration services, the whole things are entirely different.

The idea here is, irrespective of the eBook reading device that is going to be used to access these eBooks, the actual layout of the eBook is deliberately kept simple.
Let us begin;

Preparation Guiding Principles
Before you begin anything, make sure that the following items are NOT INCLUDED.
·         Any type of advertising
·         Background colors, images or borders
·         Texts with different colors
·         Drop-caps at in different styles
·         Headers and footers
·         Layouts that have multi-column
·         Page numbers
·         Any type of reference to particular eBook stores
·         Text boxes

These are advised to not to include as these setting will not be rendered as they are in an eBook when rendered across eBook readers having different screen size, settings and display capabilities. The same is applicable in case of eBook conversion for kindle devices as well.

Layout of the page
·         The size of the page does not have prominence here—letter or the A4 would do just fine.
·         Leave the standards settings and avoid insertion of any specific values. 

Manuscript formatting
·         Make use of a page break in order to separate chapters from each other.
·         Make use of a solo paragraph break to separate paragraphs from each other.
·         Sub-sections or sections in a chapter can be separated by using a centered break.
·         Multiple spaces or tabs should not be used.

Style of the fonts and text used
This is an important aspect of setting your manuscript right; to keep the eBook accessible and great, make sure that the styles and fonts used stay simple.
·         Only use a font type from Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman for the body of the document.
·         The font size of 10, 11 or 12 point is preferred.
·         Make sure that the font color is black.
·         Make use a single line space that does not exceed 1.5.
·         Do not consider kerning or leading.
·         Ensure that the style used is ‘normal in ‘Quick Style’ in word to manage the body style.
·         Make use of basic formatting such as Bold, Italics or All Caps, when necessary.
·         Make use of standard heading style in ‘Quick Style’ in word such as preferred by default.

It would be just fine to render the titles in a different artistic font as these can be displayed as image with a consistent style

Images in color can be rendered by some eReaders, however, some do not have the ability to do so and hence they render images in grayscale. If you have diagrams or illustrations in color, before adding the same ensure that they can make sense even in grayscale.
·         You can insert images into the document but for better looks provide them as different files.
·         Avoid floating the image to any particular alignment but put them in their own alignment.

·         You always have the option to add hypertext links to websites and email addresses.
·         Adding hyperlinks never create any issues within the manuscript.
·         Hypertexts will work only on those devices that have an internet connection.

If you would like to hypertext one area of the manuscript to another, you can make use of bookmark capabilities of the Microsoft Word. While doing so, care must be taken to mention the page numbers where your reference is pointing to.

Table of contents
Most digital publishing companies can help you with adding a small, yet effective table of content if your book is a work of fiction. However, the significance of table of content is bigger when you have any other type of book that is either academic or based on any studies. This can help the reader understand various chapters and sections quite easily and navigate effortlessly.

Make sure you carry out the following
In order to make sure that the document is flawless and just perfect as you want it to be, proofread the same to avoid any type of grammatical, formatting, stylistic or spelling errors. Also, have someone else who is better capable than you read the entire document to find any glitches in the document. Most companies offering eBook conversion services normally have expert copyeditors and proofreaders with them.

These factors, when carefully taken care of and adhered to, can help you get the best conversion result at all circumstances.

You can always get in touch with any of the reputed companies offering conversion and formatting related services if you want an external support.