Thursday, 14 July 2016

White Board Animation - Things you must know

When it’s the matter of whiteboard animations, there are 3 basics that are mandatory- innovative thoughts, cautious choices and bold implementations. It is important to be aware of certain proven whiteboard animation tips that will help you to get amazing outputs that serve your precise purpose. Let us see few among them that hold most relevance.

Have a great creative script
Telling a thought provoking great story will do half the job and therefore make your team of scriptwriters do enough brainstorming and come up with something really unique and stimulating. This is in fact one of the basics of whiteboard animation technique that experts always follow. The script should be a solid one or else regardless of your animation quality, the whole attempt will be a failure. Animations only add life to your story and script is the foundation based on which the other things rest.

There must be a believable flow
Just as in case of actual life, there should be a proper story line and connectivity in the animation. Peppering illustrations, images and sounds here and there in cluttered manner will do damage only. There should be a beginning, core and an ending. Though there is no restriction when it comes to the length, it is recommend to stay short. Too long videos test the patience of viewers no matter how must interestingly you put things together. Present day’s generation is time-devoid. So try to capture their attention and persuade them within shortest time period possible.

Make use of powerful illustrations and imagery
Your imagery and illustrations must be interesting, dynamic and creative. Most of the companies professionally indulged in the job spend a lot of time on each whiteboard animation image. Reason is simple- people are more moved by images. Taking extra time to work on images is worthy and it will be reflected from the skyrocketing conversion rates.  

The audio should be captivating
Experts rightly believe that a great soundtrack is vital for the success of any strategically done animation video and this is one of those tips for white board videos that you should not overlook. The voice-overs should be believable, dynamic and appealing. It should complement the idea, not distract people from actual message. If you use proper background music, it will establish an emotional connection with your prospects and this can be highly influential in their decision making process.

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