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Leveraging benefits of virtual assistant services amid language barriers

The digitized world of business has witnessed a steady rise in the trend of outsourcing services to virtual assistants. However, you need to choose the right personnel to support you. The wrong choice of virtual assistants has proved to be disastrous for a number of companies in the past. True indeed, virtual assistant services reduces the cost as you can find cheap labour in the other markets. However, you cannot afford to compromise with the quality. Just for saving a few dollars, sacrificing quality and loosing credibility is obviously unwise.  

virtual assistant services
virtual assistant services

Along with many other factors, you should also keep the language barrier at the back of your head when you outsource any services to foreign countries. If this is not considered, expected results may not be obtained. Say, content writing in English calls for expertise in the language. In this case, it is advisable to go for native English writers or the ones who have the desired degree of excellence. For the same, India would be great choice as here the professionals are remarkably skilled in verbal and written English. Well! If it doesn’t feel convincing, there are still a lot of other tasks for which you can seek the expertise of a professional virtual assistant without letting language to hinder the luxury VAs can avail. Few among them are detailed below. 

Raw coding
The coding language does not depend on the native language of a person. These are based on codes in cascading style sheets (CSS), HTML, Javascript and so on. You can outsource website modification jobs to them, or anything related to landing pages or plug-ins. You need not worry about the quality of these tasks, as you can easily check if it is secure and functional. You can get a website developed at the fraction of the cost when you hire an overseas virtual assistant.

Scripted live chat
If English is not the first language of the live-chat agents, they might sound a bit different. Hence it makes sense to use language proficient VA’s to handle this crucial task. These agents wait for a user to ask a question and provide them with the desired answer. They need not understand the business deeply. They just need some basic information about the business and a few scripts to answer the questions over live chat. Moreover, the overseas VA provides services even at odd hours. You can provide 24*7 services to your clients when you hire virtual assistant service for live chat support. But in such a case you have to ensure the English language proficiency of concerned people handling your task.

Generating leads
Companies can create leads from the contact forms on different websites. However, if you try to perform the task manually, it is likely to take a lot of time which is not recommended when you have a lot of other tasks to do. You need to sort the contact details, filter out the ones that can be considered as leads and so on. You can simply assign a virtual remote assistant to scan through and determine the ones that are likely to generate leads. This doesn’t again need him to be an expert in native langue.

Graphic designing
Imagery has no specific language; it is a visual art and follows a universal language which anyone can easily understand. A number of talented graphic designers are available across the world and that too, at reasonable prices. If you are keen on cutting down the costs, you can outsource your work to the best professionals across the globe; virtual assistant prices are very cheap when compared to hiring full time in-house people. They are equally efficient in all the related tasks including business card designing, brochure designing, logo designing, creating a mockup website layout and so on.

If your company deals with infographics, you can also outsource them to such talented and creative experts. The offshore assistant can manually compile the data in a specified manner, while you can appoint a professional to tackle the initial data which is perhaps most crucial.
Determine whether you want to hire a generalist or a specialist, according to the volume and quality of virtual personal assistant services needed.

Social media management
Ignoring the power of social media means you are losing a king part of your prospects. Making the most out of networking platforms is something advisable for all the businesses. Although you have tools like Sprout Social for social media management, it takes a lot of time to scan through the comments and gather data. You can assign the task of maintaining the social media accounts of a company to a VA who deliver the task at low costs. 

If you are worried about security issues, you can limit the accessibility of the assistant. It is possible to restrict the freedom of the VA even when he operates the websites. Such virtual assistant services for small businesses can be immensely productive.

Apart from creative content writing and publications of texts, blogging has various other scopes.  These are back-up services and involve updating the blog from time to time. You can hire a blog manager to deal with these tasks. Other tasks include finding reference links and relevant images that can complement the posts. Simply lighten your burden of responsibilities and reduce costs by assigning these services to the remote assistants.

Look out for the ideal strategy to cut down your manual work and focus on the core aspects of your business. The overseas assistant can tackle the non-core tasks. You can expand your business rapidly when you have the right support around you.

Here are the few important tips for choosing right virtual assistant

Having read all these, are you planning to associate with any of the best virtual assistant call center companies? India is doubtlessly the right destination to search for reliable service providers. You can get top class services at really cost-effective rates from here. 


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