Friday, 7 October 2016

Customer service email writing tips

Emails are still very much effective in keeping your customers pleased and satisfied. When it comes to customer support, everything is fine till you send answers that the customers need from you. However, if you fail to meet the customer’s expectations in regard of clarity and relevance, problems start surfacing. To avoid such issues, you must be acquainted with some of the most operative customer service email writing tips. Let us have a scrutiny.

Start by greeting

Never write service emails that resemble telegraphs.  It should not seem as every character you type is chargeable. Open the mail with a whole-hearted hello or any other types of greeting gestures. Going straight and directly to the business never feels personal. Greeting customers in the right way sets the needed positive tone for the entire mail; so, be careful with this very important aspect.

Use name

Never ignore this. Address your customer by his name. People want to be valued and referring them with terminologies like ‘dear concern’, ‘case number’ etc. would do serious harm. Communication becomes least personal and seems to be an automatically generated. You appear to be robotic and no one will ever like that. Never rely too much on customer service email templates or automation. There are many email templates guidelines online and going through them will help you to make use of them effectively.

Thank and appreciate

Before moving ahead and speaking about the business, thank the customer for contacting you and appreciate him for the feedback provided.  In fact, you should realise that they are doing a favour to you by intimating about some issues that if rectified can help your business in future as well. Let them feel that they have done a good thing by letting you know about the difficulties or mishaps encountered by them. Never ever make them feel sorry for contacting you. Never sound frustrated or uneasy in the mail.


It is very important to assure that you never beat around the bush. Use simplest possible language for live email support. The situation should be summarized precisely and in case if you have doubts, confirm with the customer. In the cases that are complex and tough, the said is imperative. Rephrasing the communication made by customer without deviating from the meaning is also a superb technique to assure that you have completely understood their issue.  Following this step will avoid miscommunications as you proceed.

Answer exactly and excellently

This is the most crucial aspect of 24*7 email support services. After doing everything, if you fail to answer the query effectively, entire effort is futile. So, before starting this step, adopt a strategy. Think of the different tools that you can use to communicate- step by step lists, screenshots, examples and helping links. Your aim is not to simply give an answer and close the email. The customer must understand that.  In case if the problem is not solved completely, guarantee them to resolve the problem within a reasonable time frame.

Conclude in style

After you have answered, tell customers to contact you directly for any further clarifications needed. It is convenient not just for the customer but also for another agent as you two are already on the same page. Using an informal friendly tone towards the end can perhaps make the customer pleasant. But do it wisely and in diplomatic manner. 

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