Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to boost up the productivity of call center agents?

If you are willing to yield optimum returns in terms of productivity from your call center, you should have a good understanding of people management skills. You need to optimize the available resources, both technical and human, to maximize the returns of your business. Here, we furnish some crucial call center efficiency tips that you must be acquainted with.

Better-quality scheduling of the agents

In order to enhance the manpower, you should know clearly how many agents you need to manage the floor at specific hours. These days, most of the call centers incorporate advanced tools for workforce management. Accordingly, the scheduling is done, so that adequate numbers of agents are active as and when needed. As the call volume surges, you should be able to deploy additional agents to tackle the pressure. On the other hand, you can save your resources by reducing the number of agents when the call pressure is low.

Supervisors should assist the agents

At times, the customers make special requests, when the agents are unable to take a decision on their own. They need to consult with their supervisors. Each floor should have at least one supervisor. Whenever the agents find it difficult to make a decision, the supervisors should assist them. Call center agents are not authorized to take certain decisions, like escalating transactions on request from the customers. A constant assistance from the supervisor saves valuable time.

Easy communication strategy boosts up productivity

Incorporate a standard communication strategy across your platform. This will keep the agents updated with the latest information related to work. In the contemporary industry, companies use Skype or other customized platforms for messaging to maintain seamless communication. The agents will be able to communicate with the supervisors and among themselves easily when you have such a communication infrastructure.

Integrate eLearning tools

In most of the contact centers, training sessions are organized to keep the agents updated with needed professional skills. The best option to make the learning process effective is to integrate eLearning tools for the agents. Manual process of training often turns out to be unfitting for agents due to issues with timing. You can educate them about the necessary product information through these eLearning tools. Agents can go through these materials during their free time and keep themselves updated with the necessary knowledge.

Make the working environment comfortable

One of the most effective ways to increase the productivity of your agents is to create a favorable working environment. It allows the employees to remain focused on their work. You may arrange for meetings at regular intervals with the representatives of the agents. This will help you to know their requirements and make the necessary arrangements for them.

These measures will enable you to boost up the productivity of your agents. Leading players in the market to whom global companies outsource call center services constantly monitor the working environment of their employees, providing them with the necessary tools and support. Optimize your operational infrastructure to bolster your business.

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