Sunday, 16 April 2017

Importance of ecommerce product photo editing

Technology has transformed the way people sell and buy things. The latest norm is eCommerce and it is here to stay. Online shops have become too common nowadays and new ones come up every now and then. If you are into eCommerce, this is something alarming for you; competition is getting tougher. For staying safe and successful, you need to be on your toes. There are many ways to safeguard your business and get more sales. Among these, eCommerce product photo editing is very crucial as images can turn off or on the prospects.

Inevitability of supreme quality images for eCommerce websites

It is a fact that visual appeal is very important for capturing the attention of potential online buyers. Clearer and better the photographs more are the chances of conversions.

Though it seems quite weird and unreasonable, majority of customers gauge product quality using images. The snaps should not be too big or too small. Also, there should not be any blurring, unwanted backgrounds or shadows that can obstruct the charm and value of images.

There are certain factors that can adversely affect your eCommerce business. When the quality of photographs is not up to the mark, customers fail to comprehend how the image exactly looks like. Images serve as the ambassadors of your brand identity. So, if the pictures are of poor quality, business is obviously harmed. In a survey conducted very recently by a reputed source, it was illuminated that nearly 75% of the participants opine images as the most vital aspect determining the success or failure of an online store.

Now the actual concern is how to improve quality and the answer is – through best-in-class eCommerce photo editing services. Unfortunately, even amid all these adversities and stiff competition, there are online vendors who stay reluctant from hiring photo editing experts. They believe that investing on a professional photographer is enough. However, this is a delusion. No matter how expert the photographer is, he is relying on a machine and it cannot always get you the best results. This is why you should not shun away from hiring experts offering product photography editing services.

Let us see some of the most common inclusions in eCommerce photo editing provisions. 

Size and resolution alteration
Size and resolution are vital factors in present day eCommerce domain. Images must be in proper resolution. They should never be too small that viewers find it hard to perceive the features. At the same time, they should neither be big to such an extent that a lot of time is consumed for its loading.  When you approach the right people with great level of expertise, they will present the image in optimal resolution providing buyers exact idea regarding the products.

Zoom in

Customers should be allowed to view the product’s finest and minutest of details. So, it is important that you highlight such points.  Experts offering product image editing for e commerce retouch the images perfectly and make use of zoom functionality for addressing the need.

Suitable shadowing

Adding the right type of shadows is capable enough to create wonders. This extra effect on images give the whole picture a more realistic and appealing feel. Applying the correct lighting is vital and most of the times, camera fails to product the needed effect. Photo retouching services from experts can come handy in such a situation. They add appropriate shadows and make the product photos more attractive.


Image alignment is crucial and consistency has to be unfailingly maintained.  When you use the same alignment for entire images in the store, the whole website seems to be professionally organized which your prospects would appreciate.


Colours are too critical for images in an eCommerce store. Shabby dull images can negatively impact your website attractiveness. Same happens when the colours of photographs are too bright.  Colour scheme should be toned to the right level so as to make sure that the customers can get finest details of all products in your store. Always remember that, photographs should be able to at least concisely showcase product features.


In most of the product photographs, white plain background can serve the purpose elegantly as on a white background, products usually stand out and seem more appealing. But at times, certain of your product images may arrive with different colored backgrounds. It would be unwise to spend time and money for another photo shoot just for getting white background. You can seek product photography background removal or editing services from professional companies and they will fix all issues related to background.

Shot angle

Providing better views for customers matters the most. Displaying products in multiple angles help customers to better view and understand the products presented in your site.  Professionals indulged in product photo retouching services can help you to exhibit the images from a range of angles.

If eCommerce photographs look great, your website will look more professional and send signals to your prospects that you are dedicated and really serious about your business. This will definitely help increase your sales. In short, photo editing is inescapable for any eCommerce business.  Get in touch with the right service providers for achieving the best results.

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