Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3 tips for all those interested to work with Adobe Illustrator

With technological advancements ensuing endlessly, there is no limit for implementing creativity in graphic designing. The only restrictions imposed are imaginative aptitudes of the designer and his proficiency in using different tools available.

One of the best tools that every artist must master is Adobe Illustrator; it is easy to use and has a wide range of features.  The below mentioned 3 tips can come handy even for the beginners while working with this amazing software package.

1. Utilizing Appearance Panel and Pathfinder panel
Appearance Panel helps you in duplicating shapes which you can use for appending on numerous fills in varying opacities successively over each other. Optimal utilization of Pathfinder Panel helps in creating needed shapes from other available shapes. For it several options are there. You can create simple basic level shapes to almost any type of flat trendy designs or complicated illustrations.

2. Colours must be used optimally
Swatch libraries make things much easier and it includes skin tones pallets, funky gradients as well as default patterns & textures. You can access these from Swatches panel. Additionally, there is Adobe Colour and Recolor Artwork features.

3.  Accept the fact that it takes time for perfection
Though not specific to the software-Adobe Illustrator, this tip has always to be kept in mind. You can’t master this graphic designing tool overnight and become a professional. Vector art is never that easy but in light of its increasing demand in illustration and design, being expert in it can immensely help.

Other tools to be acquainted with includes Pen Tool, Clipping Masks and Brushes etc. Regular practice along with the above tips and tricks can elevate the quality of outputs you provide. For more tips and tricks, keep reading our blog:

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